Aquadoula & Aquaborn Birth Pool Rentals

Offering birth pool rentals since 2007, we are committed to providing quality support for your water birth experience.

“more women are asking how to make labour less about ‘enduring pain’ and more about creating a good, healthy and loving experience of birth for the baby.” Barbara Harper

Water is a proven comfort measure for childbirth. Using a birth pool enables a woman to achieve maximum comfort in labour.

The use of warm water emersion has long been seen as an aid for labour, making it easier for the mother to enter into and remain in a state of hormonal bliss.” Barbara Harper, Forward to Revisiting Waterbirth: An Attitude to Care by Dianne Garland.

The Aquadoula heated birth pool and the Aquaborn inflatable birth pool are very popular.  Book now to rent the  pool of your choice!

Rental of the Aquadoula and Aquaborn pool includes one single use liner, a floating thermometer, 1 pair of shoulder length gloves, a tap adaptor, fish net, 25 foot drinking water hose, an 8×12 food new tarp,  an air pump to inflate pool (Aquaborn only),  and a submersible pump to drain pool.

Rental is $250 ( including a $100 non-refundable deposit). The rental period begins in the 37th week of your pregnancy and ends 3-4 days after the birth of your baby. It includes delivery in Vancouver, Burnaby, New West and the North Shore. Other areas will be charged a minimum of $30.00 for shipping or pick up can be arranged.

The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool

Aquaborn Specifications

External Dimensions – 180 x 150 com

Internal Dimensions – 140 x 110 cm

Internal Depth – 68 cm

Number of persons – 2

Weight when filled – 560 kg plus mother


The Aquadoula Birth Pool

Aquadoula Specifications

Diameter – 140 cm

Height- 60 cm

Number of Persons – 2

Filled to a depth of 18 inches (46 cm), the Aquadoula holds approximately 150 gallons, and weighs approximately 568 kg.